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Welcome to L Luxury and Design’s close friends

We are excited to have you join us as we have tons of content we would love to share with you.


Our close friends is a safe and peaceful space for individuals who want to learn more and get a little closer with the L Luxury and Design Team! Here we will get more in depth of the design world. You’ll have exclusive access to us working on different client’s homes, stores we visit, behind the scenes of each project, our day to day work routine and so much more!


Once purchased, you will be given access within 7 business days. Please make sure your Instagram username spelling is correct. We will save our highlights to view so you do not miss out on any content. 


By purchasing, I understand that I am purchasing access to L Luxury and Design’s close friends on Instagram and will be billed monthly until unsubscribed. Any content viewed on L Luxury and Design’s close friends is copyright protected and may not be shared or screen recorded. Any content wrongfully shared will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


By joining, you agree to our terms and conditions above. L Luxury and Design reserves the right to block anyone who does not show respect or goes against our regulations. Those who are blocked will be refunded and unable to purchase again indefinitely. 


Welcome to the Family L Luxury and Design Family!


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